I made a goals/resolution list at the beginning of the year (like everybody else), and have been keeping track of my progress with maintaining those goals with joesgoals.com.

It’s a simple yet handy chart that lets you check in what habit you do (whether its something you wanted to do or didn’t want to do). It then tells you your score at the end of the day and keeps track of these scores on a weekly basis. It turns your goal keeping into a game where you need to get the highscore!

Joe's Personal Score Badge

I’m finally posting my goal chart here so followers can keep track and see how I’m doing. Feel free to comment on my progress (I know it’s not the best looking line as posting this, but I’m aiming to make the goals habits!) or even post a link if you happen to make your own goal chart.

Here’s a nice thing to know: blogging was one of my goals, and with the way the site has been going lately, it seems as if I’m doing pretty well on that one :).

Happy goal keeping! See if you can beat my score!


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