Actual Content

As this blog’s creator, I actually care about you as the viewer (believe it or not :P) and the fact that you’re taking your time to come to this up and coming site (which I’m sure you’ve bookmarked, favorite’d, and sourced to your desktop multiple times… right?).

Seriously, thanks.

After a post and a half though, you’re probably wondering, “why am I coming here?”  To finally bring all of your questions’ answers to light, I’m finally posting legitimate work: artwork that I have, in fact, done.  So why are you coming here?  Why is this blog here?  For you to read nonsense that I continuously blabber on about and never actually get to anything?  No (not all the time).

This blog exists as the viewfinder of my work.  It’s what you as the viewer can use to see my creations, give me feedback, and even show me your own work.  This blog is my world, welcoming the outside.

To introduce my work, I’ve chosen something I completed in April 2008 – a sculpture that encompasses everything I love when it comes to art: detail, texture, character design, lore,  volume, and life.

Title: The Living Knight

Date: April 2008

Medium: Self-Hardening Clay


additional full view hi-res image links:

Side View
Other Side View
Back View

additional up-close detail hi-res images:

Face Shot
Front Shot
Side View
Back View
Sword Shot
Color Shot

hi-res concept turnaround:

Character Turnaround